50 Unforgettable Sports Reporters


Males mainly dominate the field of sports. However, reporting falls onto women who have to provide information on the sports and the male athletes. They have to do this with composure, so people don’t think of them as eye candy. It is a challenging task.

Many women have successfully maintained this composure and taken over the world of sports reporting. They are known for their intellect, reporting capabilities, and their beauty. So, here are the top 50 female sports reporters that have taken this industry by storm.

You have probably seen them reporting on the field, and you will see them here, so let’s begin.

#1. Diletta Leotta

Get them out!' Italian football fans beg journalist to flash – and she has  the ideal response (VIDEO) — RT Sport News

Diletta Leotta is from Italy, and she has made a successful career being a sports commentator and model even though she has a degree in Law. She has hosted many events throughout her career, such as music festivals and beauty contests. However, her main passion is commenting on soccer.

She is currently presenting the Series A broadcasts for DAZN for the last two years. You can tune into her commentary every week to update yourself on what’s happening in the sports world. She is beautiful, charismatic, and just the right fit for sports reporting.

#2. Kristine Leahy

Leahy is famous as an advocate for women’s right in sports and having strong opinions on the matte. She has pointed out that helping as many women as possible through her work is one of the primary goals of her professional activity, which everyone around her admires greatly. Probably the most well-known project of hers is working as a host on ABC’s Ninja Warrior, but of course she has done much more than just that.

She was also a newswoman and host of The Herd With Colin Cowherd. She is also known for giving tough interviews as her composure is remarkable. She is not an active sports commentator, but she does host TV shows, and we wonder what her next project will be.

#3. Olivia Dekker

It's all in the family: Olivia Harlan-Dekker follows dad Kevin and grandpa  Bob Harlan into sports - Sports Broadcast Journal

Two words describe Olivia Dekker the best: charming and beautiful. She is thriving in her career as a sideline reporter as she works for ESPN and hosts various shows for FOX Sports. She is set to climb even higher as her father was Kevin Harlan, an esteemed and popular announcer.

Her entire family has been involved in sports, from her grandfather to her father, and now she will do the same. Olivia is happily married to Sam Dekker, a professional basketball player. Instead of receiving gifts from people for their wedding, they asked for donations to the Children’s Center Family Foundation.

#4. Blair O’Neal

Blair O’Neal is not just a beautiful sports commentator. She has done four years of collegiate golf at the ASU (Arizona State University) and played it professionally for over ten years. She got a lot of exposure during this time, which led to her becoming a TV personality and a gorgeous model.

For the past five years, she is not playing golf professionally, but you will see her commenting on this sport on the Golf Channel on various shows that include Golf’s Sexiest Shots, Morning Drive, and many more. She is a married woman and has a handsome son.

#5. Charissa Thompson


If there is one person who can tell you everything you need to know about various sports, it is Charissa Thompson. Her career has thrived and has been incredibly diverse since the start. She used to be a sideline reporter for Fox, and she has worked for ESPN, Big Ten Network, Versus, and many more.

Currently, she is the host of Extra, an entertainment news show. She lives in Malibu with her fiance Kyle Thousand. He is a sports agent, and we wonder if this is where Charissa gets all her scoop from when it comes to sports contracts and their negotiations.

#6. April Rose

April Rose is an American sports reporter, model, and actress. Rose was born on November 3, 1987. She was also won Maxim’s Hometown Hotties in the year 2008. Apart from modeling and sports reporting, she has worked in some famous movies as well. These movies include Grown Ups 2, Dear Pen Pal, and The Bannen Way. Rose has also hosted events and reality shows. Thus, she has created a huge fan base for herself on both social media and wherever she goes. Currently, she is working at Fox Sports.

#7. Molly Qerim Rose

Qerim used to be a host for NFL Fantasy Live and NFL AM. However, currently, she is one of the finest hosts you will see on ESPN. She has covered college football, NBA All-Star Games, Super Bowl, and much more over the years. She is most known for First Take as that is what established her.

First Take was not just a job for her because she found the love of her life there too. It was Jalen Rose, a former NBA star, and two years ago, they tied the knot. After that, they went for their secret honeymoon, and we wish them nothing but the best.

#8. Rebecca Grant

Rebecca Grant is another beautiful and intelligent news reporter on our list. Not only she is a sports reporter, but she is an actress as well. Grant was born on December 11 1968 and graduated from Hamburg High School. Rebecca Grant started her career with Empire Sports Network. She also worked as a hostess on NFL and Robot Wars too. Grant became an advocate for Susan G. Komen after losing her mother to breast cancer. She has been cast in many feature films as well such as Tobey Maguire, Brothers, Super Shark, and many more.

#9. Lauren Gardner


A former cheerleader turned sportscaster, Lauren Gardner has made a name for herself in the sports world. She did her undergrad in political science at the University of Colorado, and she was a Denver Broncos Cheerleader. The most interesting fact about her is that she has a private pilot’s license.

So, Garnder is incredibly talented in many areas. She is currently on the sports coverage team of DAZN MLB. Before that, she has worked in various places such as Fox, CBS, MTV2, Altitude Sports, Smithsonian Channel, and many others. Of course, all these jobs were taken before she got employed by DAZN.

#10. Britt McHenry

Britt McHenry gained much of her fame while she was working for ESPN. However, as soon as she let that job go, Fox News snatched her, and she is currently a sports commentator on Fox Nation. Over the years, she has been a commentator for Baseball Tonight, SportsCenter, NLF Live, and Outside the Lines.

No one knows what goes on in the personal life of Britt McHenry as she keeps her personal life incredibly private. People are always speculating who she is dating, but no one knows for sure. She is extremely conservative and speaks openly about such beliefs of hers.

#11. Alex Curry


Alex Curry is a sports reporter, but she is also an incredibly warm personality who loves helping other people. She was born and raised in Southern California, and she still gives back to that community by mentoring kids. She has also started a non-profit that teaches kids and young adults to learn and develop healthy eating habits.

Currently, Curry is the host for American Ninja Warrior and a reporter for Fox Sports West. However, throughout her career, she has covered everything from baseball, volleyball, hockey, football, and much more. She is also a fill-in host for Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.

#12. Holly Sonders

If you view the Golf Channel a lot or you an avid golfer, you have probably heard the name Holly Sonders. She is a former golf reporter on the Golf Channel, and she was also a professional golfer. After she ended her golfing career and her Golf Channel work, she moved on to Fox Sports and started doing golf coverage with their team.

Sonders has recently launched a fitness app known as Teamup, and she has much more for her followers in the future. She is currently engaged to Vegas Dave, a professional gambler, and we wish her well in all her future endeavors.

#13. Molly McGrath


McGrath is perhaps one of the females that started her reporting career incredibly early. When she was in college, she used to conduct interviews for the athletic website of Boston College. After she graduated, she became a professional in this field as she was a sideline reporter for Fox Sports.

She covered college sports for Fox, but four years ago, she returned to ESPN and started covering college basketball and football for them. She lives in Seattle, and she is happily married to her husband, Max Dorsch. While they don’t have kids yet, they still have two adorable dogs that they adore.

#14. Jenn Sterger

Not everyone starts their career on TV. Jenn Sterger used to be a columnist for Sports Illustrated before she started her reporting career. Her columns gained a positive reputation, and ever since then, she has become a host and sports commentator. She has hosted many sports events and shows.

However, currently, she is a backstage interviewer for All-Elite Wrestling, and she performs this job incredibly well. She conducts updates of the events and interviews different athletes involved in the wrestling. Just two years ago, she married Cody Decker, a former basketball player, and has been happily married since then.

#15. Sara Carbonero


Sarah is a sports journalist who has also been given the title of The Sexiest Reporter in the World. She is born and raised in Spain, and for fifteen years, she worked as a presenter for Telecinco. However, five years ago, she moved to Portugal and gave up this job.

She had to move because she tied the know with Iker Casillas, a professional soccer player. The couple has been happily married since then, and they have two beautiful children. Sarah is both beautiful and intellectual, and we hope she returns to the world of sports journalism again.

#16. Melanie Collins

Melanie is an ambitious reporter and a TV show host as she is doing many things at once. Currently, she is an NFL sideline reporter with CBS Sports. Besides that, she hosts Driver vs. Driver and Big Break on the Golf Channel. Last but not least, she is a substitute host on ESPN for SportsNation.

If all this weren’t enough, you would love to know that she adores reading. Her social media is full of pictures of her latest books and excerpts from various books that she reads. People are always looking for recommendations from her, and many call her a walking library.

#17. Amanda Pflugrad


Anyone who loves the Boston Celtics knows who Amanda is. Currently, she is a host and reporter for the Celtics. However, before that, Amanda has also worked as a sideline reporter for ESPN. She used to cover women’s gymnastics for them. She is still a sideline reported for the PAC-12 Network as she covers track field, college football, and gymnastics for them.

Amanda used to be a popular cheerleader in college, and even Sports Illustrated named her cheerleader of the week eleven years ago. However, she is more than just all this. Whenever she has free time, she loves mentoring the youth community in her neighborhood.

#18. Kristen Ledlow


Did you know that Ledlow is the first and only female that is hired by NBA TV? Yes, you heard that right. She has been breaking barriers, and she works as the host of NBA Inside Stuff. Of course, this was not the beginning of her career. Previously, she used to work for ESPN Tallahassee radio.

Ledlow is known for helping others, and whenever she has free time, that is what she does. She tied the know two years ago with Will Ramanakawai. Her dating life was also the subject of speculation before she got married, but the marriage settled all rumors once and for all.

#19. Ines Sainz


Ines may have become a sensation after she dressed provocatively ten years ago, but she is incredibly intelligent. She has done her undergrad in law, and she pursued graduate degrees in sports business administration and tax law. So, she is more than just a pretty face as many people overlook her academic achievements.

Currently, she is a journalist for Azteca Deportes, the sports division of the Azteca TV Network. Throughout her career, she has covered many various sports events such as World Cup, NBA Finals, Champions League Tournaments, Olympics, and many more.

#20. Rosalyn Gold-Onwude


If you want to hear the views of an Emmy-winning broadcaster, you should turn to Rosalyn. Her career as a broadcaster has won her this award as she has dedicated all her time to sports reporting and broadcasting. She has done both her undergrad and a graduate degree from Stanford University.

Currently, she covers NBA basketball on ESPN, and she is also a fill-in host for First Take. After all her hard work, she has joined Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman’s 35 Ventures as one of the faces of the boardroom. She is also a great mentor, and she gives back to the community whenever she has free time.

#21. Samantha Ponder


Ponder has been in sports reporting for more than a decade now. Currently, she is the host of Sunday NFL Countdown. However, she has worked in many places before ESPN too. She a host and reporter for ESPN college football, and she was a sideline reporter for basketball.

Samantha married Christian Ponder in 2012, and they have been happily married since then. They have three beautiful children that they adore. The couple is incredibly down to earth. Instead of spending money on a lavish wedding, they got married at the local courthouse, and guess what their first-marriage meal was? The Arby’s right at the corner of the courthouse.

#22. Erin Andrews


If there is one sideline reporter that has covered all major sporting events in the U.S, it is Erin Andrews. She is an actress, a TV personality, and she is a sportscaster. She joined ESPN in 2004, and that is where she gained all her fame. However, eight years ago, she joined Fox and is a sideline reporter for the NFL broadcasting team.

Currently, she is also a host for Dancing with the Stars. Andrews’s private life has always been open to the public. She Jarrett Stoll, a former NHL player three years ago, and they have adopted the most adorable golden retriever.

#23. Cassidy Hubbarth


Cassidy Hubbarth is an ESPN host and reporter. She started her career with Fox Sports and the Big Ten Network, but she switched to ESPN ten years ago. Ever since the switch, she covers college basketball and football for the network. Over the years, she has hosted many executive broadcasts too.

However, she is incredibly personal about her private life. For a while, Hubbarth was nowhere to be seen on ESPN, and everyone wondered about her disappearance. She then gave birth to a baby daughter two years ago, and this answered everyone’s questions about her disappearance. She still hasn’t revealed the identity of the father.

#24. Katie Nolan


Katie Nolan is perhaps one of the most creative and bright personalities in the world of sports reporting. She has worked hard to be where she is right now. Before her fame, she used to make videos on YouTube and write for Yardbarker. After that, she hosted a web series for Fox, and this is where her career took flight.

The web series turned into a show on FS1 called Garbage Time, and it rewarded her with a Sports Emmy. She is currently the anchor of the show Always Late, and she hosts her own podcast too.

#25. Jenn Brown


When Jenn Brown graduated from the University of Florida, she knew what she wanted to be: a sports agent. However, life had other plans for her as she got an opportunity from HDNet to host a travel show. That experience defined her life because it sparked the love of sports in her.

After that, she worked as a correspondent for the NFL Network and has hosted various shows on E! Entertainment, CBS, ESPN, and many more. She tied the knot with Wes Chatham, a Hollywood actor, eight years ago, and they are happily married with two beautiful children.

#26. Michelle Beisner-Buck


Michelle was a famous cheerleader on the Broncos squad for many years. At one point, she was even the captain of the cheerleaders. That was her first entry into the world of sports. After she was done with cheerleading, she started as a reporter for auto sports on ESPN.

She has also worked for ABC, NBC, Fox Sports, Speed Channel, Comcast, and CBS. She tied the know with Joe Buck six years ago, and they had twin sons in 2018. Michelle also produced and starred in Dollhouse Revue, a burlesque show.

#27. Laura Rutledge


Rutledge has been an active reporter since 2012 after she won the Miss Florida title. She started her career as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports, and she covered various sports for them that include college football, baseball, and basketball. Now, she is a famous broadcaster, and she is currently working for ESPN.

However, she is much more than just a reporter. She tied the knot with Josh Rutledge, a professional baseball player, seven years ago. They have a beautiful little daughter. Rutledge is an ambassador for Miracle League too. They build baseball fields for children with disabilities.

#28. Jennifer Hale


Jennifer Hale got her Master’s degree from Medill School of Journalism. She started her reporting career after getting her Master’s degree. She started her professional career in Louisiana from local news. She eventually moved to sports journalism with the help of connections that she made during her days as a student. Recently, she works as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports in the NFL. Apart from this, she also works in the NBA and covers the New Orleans Pelicans. Hale also launched an organization in the year 2015 that empowers women in New Orleans. Her organization is known as All Access Sideline Pass.

#29. Jill Arrington


Known as one of the most famous sports reporters, Jill Arrington covers a wide range of sports. From tennis to college football and the NFL, she covers all the sports. This is why she is known as one of the top sports reporters in the business. Arrington is the daughter of Rick Arrington who is the former quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. She is extremely good looking too. This is why she has been noticed by a lot of men’s magazines. Her name even appeared in Playboy as the sexiest sportscaster in the year 2001.

#30. Renee Paquette


Renee Paquette is another one of the most intelligent and beautiful sports reporters on our list. Although she wanted to be an actress, she could not work it out. This is why she found another way to the television. She made a lot of connections while she was working at The Score Television Network. These connections led her to WWE. While working at WWE, she adopted her stage name Renee Young as well. She has worked as a reporter for a wrestling broadcast at WWE since the year 2012.

#31. Maria Taylor


Maria Taylor graduated from the University of Georgia. Once she completed her degree, Taylor worked for a few years at her alma mater. She worked on their house sports shows. After working for some time at her alma mater, Taylor moved to ESPN. Taylor worked as Saturday Night Football sideline reporter at ESPN. In the year 2019, she even joined NBA Countdown. Maria Taylor is an extremely talented reporter. She herself was a two-sport athlete in her university and played both basketball and volleyball.

#32. Jaime Maggio


Jaime Maggio has been working as a sports reporter for more than ten years now. She is an experienced sports reporter that has worked for a lot of sports channels such as NFL on Fox, Spectrum SportsNet, and MLB on TBS. Now these are a lot of achievements, right? Currently, she is working for KCAL and even does some sideline work on Clippers broadcasts. According to an interview, one of her biggest struggles in life was to lose her former accent to become a reporter. Losing the accent was crucial to becoming a news reporter in Los Angeles.

#33. Kaylee Hartung


Kaylee Hartung started her reporting career better than anyone. She started working as an assistant to Bob Schieffer from 60 Minutes fame. Kaylee’s father was a pilot who flew combat missions during World War ll. After working for some years in sports journalism, she is now working in the newsroom of ABC News. She even worked for ESPN while she was still working as a sports journalist. Kaylee caught everyone’s attention in the year 2020 when she announced that she had caught coronavirus. She even documented her battle of illness on ABC News.

#34. Jenny Dell


Jenny Dell is one of the few sports reporters that is living a sports dream. Currently, she is working for CBS Sports as an NFL reporter. Before working for CBS Sports, Dell worked for NESN and covered the Boston Red Sox. This job changed her entire life and brought new changes to her career. To make her life even better, Dell married Will Middlebrooks. You all might know Will Middlebrooks as the former third baseman of the Red Sox. They got married in the year 2016. Currently, they have two children and have been living happily together.

#35. Kristina Fitzpatrick


Kristina Fitzpatrick is known as a freelance sports anchor and reporter for HLN. HLN is a spin-off channel and was known as Headline News. Currently, she covers the Atlanta Braves. She covers Atlanta Braves on FoxSports South. She even worked for the MLB Network formerly. Apart from this, she also worked at CBS as a college football reporter. You will be surprised to know that Fitzpatrick is not just a reporter. She is a dancer as well and has more than 20 years of experience in dancing and choreographing. She was even a member of a dance team at the University of Florida.

#36. Michelle Beadle


Michelle Beadle is an extremely famous female sports reporter in her country. Beadle is originally from Texas and is a fan of the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Astros. She has worked incredibly hard to make her name in the field. Her passion for her work can be seen by the viewers when she is reporting on the television. Her good looks have helped her a lot in reaching the heights of her career as well. Beadle is not only good looking but incredibly talented as well. Formerly, she worked with Colin Cowherd at ESPN. She hosted SportsNation on the channel. She left ESPN in the year 2019.

#37. Joy Taylor


Joy Taylor is one of the most intelligent and beautiful sports reporters present in the country. Taylor is from a sports family in Pittsburgh. She is the sister of Jason Taylor who is a former NFL defensive. She got engaged to Earl Watson in the year 2018 and the couple separated in the year 2019. Nowadays, she is working with Colin Cowherd on The Herd With Colin Cowherd. The show broadcasts on Fox Sports Radio. Before working with Colin Cowherd, she worked as a host and moderator of a debate show.

#38. Lindsay Czarniak

53 Lindsay Czarniak ESPN 560x585

Lindsay Czarniak is one of the famous American sports person and anchor. She is not just a pretty face but a quite intelligent woman as well. It will not be wrong to say that she is the true meaning of beauty with brains. She is presently working for Fox Sports as a studio host. Apart from this, she is also a sideline reporter for NFL games.

#39. Julie Alexandria

48 julie alexandria MASN 560x820

Julie Alexandria has made her name in sports journalism with her intelligence and good looks. She has done many famous sports coverage. This is why she is one of the most famous sports reporters in the country. Her fan base is proof of her fame. Currently, she is working as a sideline reporter in San Diego. She had been the host of a nationally syndicated entertainment show. The name of the show was ‘OKtv’.

#40. Amanda Pflugrad

6 amanda pflugrad cbs sports network 560x896

Born on 15 November 1987, Pflugrad is one of the famous sports reporters in the country. Amanda Pflugrad is currently working as a host for Boston Celtics. She conducts pre-game and post-game interviews with the players and the coach. Apart from this, she also does game recaps and analysis of the game. She is well-known for her good looks and has thousands of followers on social media.

#41. Sarah Spain

40 sarah spain ESPN 560x791

Sarah is an attractive young woman who is currently working at ESPN as a sports reporter. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she has been working in the sports industry for many years. Her commentary and reporting is extensive and provides a lot of insights during sporting events. She has also appeared in a number of ESPN television shows and is well known in the sports community. Her charismatic reporting and natural beauty makes her a joy to watch during the pre-match and post-match shows. You can tune in to ESPN during their broadcasts and enjoy her professional reports and commentary.

#42. Lindsay Rhodes

50 lindsay rhodes NFL network 560x818

Since 1998 Lindsay Rhodes is an active sports reporter, and she is getting successful in her field. She completed her graduation from the University of California. After that, she started her career as a weekend sports anchor and news reporter. She is well-known for her sports analysis and hosting, but she is also a successful sportscaster, journalist, and a high profile television personality. Though she is a mother, she still looks young and charming in all her shows. You can still see her class and glamour during one of her sports shows. She is a self-made woman whose success and beauty can be seen as a product of her amazing personality.

#43. Jamie Erdahl

41 jamie erdahl NESN 560x700

Jamie Erdahl is a senior sports reporter for the American channel CBS. She has done a few television shows related to sports and is an expert reporter. Jamie is the sideline reporter for SEC as well, and her beauty is not one to miss. Her reporting and commentary on American Football and Basketball are exceptional and enjoyable. She keeps the viewers engaged in the broadcasting matches while maintaining her composure and professionalism. If you want to get a glimpse of her glamour, you can tune in to her channel and watch the SEC on CBS show over there. You will not be disappointed.

#44. Jackie Redmond

54 Jackie Redmond sportsnet360 560x943

Jackie Redmond is the daughter of a former sportsman Steve Redmond. Since her childhood, she has loved the world of sports and is fond of playing games like hockey and other sports as well. She used to watch games on television, and this motivated her to become a sports reporter. She graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber. After winning a show, Gillette Drafted Jackie; she became a target for television channels looking for a sportscaster, and that helped her in finding a job with ease. She started her career with Sportsnet, and soon her shows were a hit. She interacted with famous sports personalities that made her famous. Jackie is a beautiful woman who loves traveling and exploring more about sports.

#45. Kelly Nash

33 Kelly Nash Sun Sports 560x560

Kelly Nash had been into the world of sports since a very young age. She first developed an interest in sports when she became a fan of the Miami Marlins. Even though she had always dreamt of becoming a news anchor, she could not put away her love for sports. This prompted her to decide to become a sports anchor and reporter, a field where she got a lot of success. Her expertise and knowledge due to her interest in sports and her gorgeous looks made her a stunning figure in the community. She is well known for being a major part of the television show Quick Pitch.

#46. Sam Ryan

51 sam ryan MLB network 560x504

Sam Ryan is an American sports actor and Emmy Award-winning sports anchor currently working at WABC. Sam graduated from the New York Institute of Technology and also majored in communications at Hofstra University. She is passionate about running and also took part in various marathon races to keep her fit and active. She started her career with Babylon, and in 2000, she joined FOX as an anchor and reporter. During her career, she reported many sports events with full enthusiasm and was able to win some awards for them as well. She is a good-hearted woman who took part in several charitable events throughout the years as well.

#47. Andrea Kaiser

32 andrea kaiser 560x373

Andrea Kaiser is a German television presenter for the European sports network called Sports 1.Her career began in 1996 when she started her shows which were a massive hit. Most of her success came through due to her immense knowledge about the day to day affairs in the sporting world. She is an experienced and well-known sports reporter and analyst who knows how to present sports news. Her incredible beauty and glowing face add a cherry on top, making her an enjoyable television personality to watch. She has done multiple television shows that have all been successful as they add to her growing fame.

#48. Melissa Stark

49 melissa stark NFL network 560x455

Melissa is a journalist, sportscaster, who is famous for being a sideline reporter for Monday Night Football. Melissa Stark is currently working for the NFL Network. She is an incredibly talented and skilled person who is well known for her beauty and glamour. She took her degree from the University of Virginia. Melissa started her career as a news intern, working on different assignments in 1991, but her success started with a program called Scholastic Sports America, where she also covered some college sports events. She is married to Mike Lilley and has two handsome sons. Her career as talented sports reported continues as her fame in the community grows.

#49. Rachel Nichols

57 rachel nichols turner sports 560x504

Most of the people who watch ESPN have heard of Rachel Nichols already. The sports reporter has plenty of experience in the field and has much more to offer than her good looks. While her beauty can steal the show, her experience as an analyst and in-depth sports analysis makes her a delight to watch. She also has her own show called Unguarded with Rachel Nichols on the channel where she hosts and discusses different news from the sporting world. Rachel has also worked as a sideline reporter for NBA and hosts another show dedicated to NBA called The Jump. You can tune into ESPN and watch her shows.

#50. Wendi Nix

59 Wendy Nix ESPN 560x315

Wendi Nix is working as the sports reporter for the reputed network of ESPN. She is an enthusiastic sports reporter and a hardworking woman who is gaining more and more success in her line of work. This is due to her sheer knowledge and experience in different types of sports. While she has a specialty in basketball and baseball, she is able to work flawlessly in other sports such as football. Being a sportscaster, she is also famous, and her attractive and beautiful presence on the camera is noted by people around the world. She got her degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and continues her successful career as a reporter.