A Special Moment In The History Of UFC For Helio Gracie and Masahiko Kimura


Anyone who has seen Masahiko Kimura vs. Helio Gracie’s historical fight knows how special it was. It was one of the biggest fights in the history of MMA. Held at Maracana stadium 63 years ago, the fight had contributed to such popularity of the sport.

Everyone was shocked at how the fight turned out to be. Kimura tapped Gracie with submission and was later named after him. The fight was the last one that was held at Maracana, the soccer stadium.

MMA returned to the Maraca field after the last fight 63 years ago. Chad Mendes and other UFC 179 showed up on the Maracana field to pay tribute to such a historical fight and the iconic fighters.

To highlight the event, the promoters devised an idea to use in the pre-fight events. Then, carrying out the idea by promoting a quiz show about MMA, the Portuguese version of “Did You Know?”

What Is Special About This Quiz Show?

The quiz show idea was approved as it highlights the special moments of MMA in UFC history. The main purpose of this show is to entertain the MMA fans and let the world know about the iconic fighters that have helped grow this sport.

This quiz show was in the Brazilian events of UFC. However, the event not only highlights the Kimura vs. Gracie but also remembers old times of vale tudo from the 50s.

All the events held in the Maracana stadium were highlighted and remembered using old photos from the archive. Maracana field is one of the most important venues contributing to Brazilian MMA.

The idea of a quiz show may not be unique as these types of shows were previously held twice but never for such an iconic purpose. Many emerging players were also awarded prizes signed by iconic fighters to motivate them.

UFC has never disappointed its fan and has always focused on entertaining the world. Such shows are important to highlight old historical events to revive the history and pay tribute.

What Was The Format Of The Quiz Show?

The quiz show was announced to highlight historical events of MMA and was mostly held in the Maraca stadium. The show’s format is important as it is the design of the show and the way it was going to be held.

First, there will be a display of 17 photos of Kimura vs. Gracie, Carlson Gracie, Ruas vs. Pinduka, and then Murilo Bustamante. Most of these players and events were held in the Maraca Stadium, popular as the Colosseum of Brazilian MMA.

The event was a success and was loved by fans worldwide. It showed how sports unite people from every corner of the world. And there is no barrier when two players come together for a sport. Nothing could stop their passion, dedication, and commitment to it.

MMA is one of the toughest and deadliest sports in the world. However, players have been doing their best to ensure the sport stays on the top.