Aiemann Zahabi blames past defeats on ‘expectations’ as Firas Zahabi’s brother.


Aiemann Zahabi attributes his current success to the fact that he is now content with just being himself.

Zahabi expressed his thoughts on The MMA Hour that “all of these hopes that I would win by backflip spinning hook-kick or anything wild” because he is Firas’ brother, is from Tristar, and all of the stuff. “As a result, I have always attempted to surpass my capabilities. I have to show everyone that I want to win this struggle. The Ramos battle was the most delicate illustration. I tried to force the wrestling and grappling in Round 1, but it did not go well. In Round 2, I removed the wrestling and grappling and picked him apart with my jab and my uppercut. I thought he could not have damaged me in the previous two rounds in Round 3. Simply said, I am going to murder him. I overreached and acted recklessly, which cost me.

“I battled Vince Morales after that and acted in the other way. I was a shell of my former self and erred in judgment. The first time I truly understood who I am was when I faced Drako [Rodriguez]. I simply went about doing what I do and knocked him out.

For Zahabi, meeting Rodriguez was a turning moment. The Canadian bantamweight defeated Ricky Turcios, the victor of The Ultimate Fighter 28’s victor, by unanimous decision last Saturday. Turcios attempted over 200 blows but only connected with 27 of them.

Fans mostly disapproved of Turcios’ performance, although Zahabi argues that how he battled left his opponent with no viable choices.

However, he insisted that Ricky did not give him the old Ricky. “I attempted to act the same way with Ricky. He did not approach the battle with a barrage of punches, engaging in a barnburner brawl, 1-1-2s, stepping in, and constant takedowns. I was ready to counter him since the more throws you make, the more vulnerable you become; nevertheless, he held back. He did not appear to say anything, either.

A great battle for me. I believe I presented a superiority complex to him. I retaliated by cutting him off. Only around 10% of his blows connected. I put him in a difficult situation. I would low kick him whenever he stepped out and overhand crack him if he stepped in too much. He thus found himself almost shadowboxing in this area. He is kicking and punching me, but he cannot reach me.

Zahabi’s victory marks his second straight triumph inside the cage, and he aims to fight again this autumn to maintain his winning run and boost his confidence. Zahabi is a Tristar product.

He said, “I am going to finish my schoolwork during the break.” “Honestly, Ricky had my full attention, and I wanted two consecutive victories in the UFC. I had not done it before, and now that I have, I am glad I did. We will contact [UFC matchmaker] Sean Shelby to see if there is anything that might work for October or November after I do my research while I am there and bring back a few names to present Firas. Perfect would be that.