Anthony Martial Switching To Sevilla from Manchester United


Manchester United is one of the most popular football clubs in the world. Some greats like Wayne Rooney and Ronaldo have all played for the popular club. It has also won a lot of championships. Most people who join Manchester United see a boost in their football career.

However, that is not true for everyone. While it is true that any footballer would love to represent Manchester United and work with some of the great players but this team isn’t true for everyone and Anthony Martial is one of those people. Anthony Martial is already a part of the Manchester United team however since joining the club he has struggled with maintaining a good position at the club. He had a rift with the previous management and felt like his career growth has stunted due to Ole Gunnar who used to be his boss.

After the coach changed, he was expecting things to get better however things didn’t play out as well as Anthony Martial had expected. Now he is planning to leave the club and join Sevilla who would love to have the French forward in their team.

This move would be great for him and Sevilla as they get a player who is desperate to play and prove himself. Manchester United will have to find someone else to fill in his spot which will not be an easy task. We wish Anthony Martial all the best in his new club and hope he can bring them some championships!

Anthony Martial has got offers from other clubs as well, but he is more inclined to join Sevilla. There hasn’t been any official report in the public but there are speculations that the Spanish football club who play in the La Liga, is interested in signing Manchester United forward Anthony Martial. Sevilla wants to do a loan deal that would eventually become permanent.

Reception by the Management and the Fans

The interim coach Ralf Rangnick has said that Martial himself has talked to him about the switch however his agent has but Rangnick isn’t keen on talking to agents and very rightfully thinks that if the player has any problem at the club then they should talk to him directly.

Fans on the other hand were sort of happy with the decision with some fans even accusing him of being arrogant. Fans were even seen on social media mocking the players by saying things like “Do Sevilla even want him?” and “I am glad that he is a lazy player and it is better than he is leaving the club”.

We are sure this isn’t a response that Martial had been expecting from the fans. Now we only have to wait and watch if he will make the decision to move to another club in January.