Charles Oliveira sets a condition for future fight


Khabib Nurmagomedov and Oliveira agree on this concept since the Brazilian anticipates the upcoming bout for the vacant belt.

Conor McGregor is Charles Oliveira’s target opponent, but one obstacle has caused him to switch to Islam Makhachev. According to Oliveira, giving up the McGregor payout to compete for UFC gold in front of his fellow countrymen and ladies may be justified.

Following a contentious weight-miss at UFC 274, Oliveira had his lightweight title removed. Despite the setback, Oliveira won by one round over Justin Gaethje to establish himself as the front-runner. The team turned down the intended bout between “Do Bronx” and Islam Makhachev in Abu Dhabi. They want to engage in combat in Brazil or a neutral region.

During UFC International Fight Week, Oliveira said to CBS Sports, “That’s the fight Islam wants, but Khabib [Nurmagomedov] constantly claims they want to fight in Brazil.” “So let’s make it happen if they want to visit Brazil. Conor is the money fight, so I want to fight him there, but if they want to go to Brazil, that’s OK too.”

For 12 years, 32-year-old Oliveira has been a member of the UFC roster. During his first seven years with the promotion, “Do Bronx” had a 10-8 run. He then went on a historic 11-0 run over the course of four years, which helped him win the UFC championship. Oliveira entirely attributes the transformation to his daughter.

Oliveira emphasized that the birth of her daughter was the main factor. “I felt I had to provide her a better life when she arrived. I have to earn money. I have to prevail and make everything happen for her. You all can now see what’s happening.”

Beyond the actual battle, the perfected Oliveira experience permeates everything. In the Octagon, “Do Bronx” has developed into a ferocious finisher; he becomes a sophisticated, cold-blooded murderer during fight week. For the latter, you may credit Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira.

“Big Nog” handed me my first suit after telling me to dress up more frequently, Oliveira claimed. “I’ve continued to receive fresh ones ever since. It demonstrates to others that we are more than just combatants and strive to be whole beings.”

Oliveira’s expression is reminiscent of Agent 47 in “Hitman.” His combat style is less subtle and overt, yet it is just as lethal.

The truth is that I’m the source of this division’s problems, Oliveira remarked. “The men are aware of my ground strategy. They don’t want to fall to the ground with me because they know what’s in my heart. Even if I fall on the ground, I get back up and continue to smash them.”