Iowa Moves To Number Three And Clemson Out Of Top Twenty-Five Since 2014


If there is one college state gearing up for their biggest home game since the 80s, then it is Iowa. On the other hand, Clemson is out of the top twenty-five for the first time in the last seven years. Besides that, Cincinnati also finally has its highest ranking in twelve years.

During this college football season, Alabama and Georgia are the only two states that have constant rankings. They have held their spots for five straight weeks in the Associated Press (AP) Top 25. Here is more you must know about the recent college football season.

The Topsy-Turvy College Football Rankings

The movement in and out and up and down of the Top 25 rankings has been a roller coaster as nine ranked teams lost. Out of these teams, four teams were in the top ten. During the initial five weeks of the football season, 34 ranked teams faced a loss, the highest in poll history.

Iowa beat Penn State and took the number three spot. On the other hand, the Hawkeyes are finally enjoying their highest ranking in the last six years. Penn State beat Indiana with a brutal victory of 24-0 and remained at number four.

Cincinnati is number five, and it has the best ranking since 2009. On the other hand, Michigan, Oklahoma, BYU, and Ohio State also round the top ten. Clemson’s streak of 107 consecutive weeks came to an end.

What You Must Know About Poll Points

We are halfway through the state college football season, and the rankings debate does not include Ohio State. They are the best, and voters have always shown respect to them. The biggest Big Ten game of the year so far will be between Penn State and Iowa.

The match will be the top home game of Iowa since 1985. Here is what poll points say about who is in and out.

Who Is In

Here is what you must know about who is in the season:

  • Number Sixteen Kentucky is rewarded for its win over Florida with its first ranking of this season
  • Number Twenty-One Texas beat TCU and won the third time consecutively. It is back in for the first time in a month
  • Number Twenty-Two Arizona State returns after winning UCLA and Colorado
  • Number Twenty-Four SMU is there for a third straight season
  • Number Twenty-Five San Diego State returns the first time in two years

Who Is Out

Here is what you must know about who is out this season:

  • Clemson’s are out of the top twenty-five
  • Texas A&M was bounced after losing two games in a row
  • Fresno State is out after two weeks
  • UCLA got bumped after losing two home games consecutively
  • Baylor is out after playing for one week

Final Words

That is everything you need to know about what is going in college football this season. These are the teams that will play, and the remaining ones are out. We can’t wait to see Iowa’s home game this time.