Khabib Nurmagomedov wary about Kamaru Usman after KO loss


After UFC 278 on Saturday, Kamaru Usman seems to be in a strange situation.

In the main event rematch with Leon Edwards, the “Nigerian Nightmare’s” ruthless UFC welterweight division under a reign of terror ended abruptly. Usman persevered like a genuine champion after being in danger in the opening round to win the following nineteen minutes of acting decisively.

Edwards delivered the Hail Mary kick needed to pull off the victory with a perfectly timed flying knee kick to the dome, knocking Usman out during the 1st moment in his professional fighting life. He has a 22-year of experience in fighting. The defeat was only his second in his professional field, and it stopped the 35-year-old from matching Anderson Silva’s milestone of sixteen consecutive wins.

The time at the top is finite, as many champions already when Usman discovered the old-fashioned way unless you’re Khabib with a record of 29-0 before retiring and was unbeaten. After viewing the outcome, “The Eagle” is concerned that his stablemate from Dominance MMA may find it difficult to make a comeback as fans expect.

“I’m familiar with the idea that a series has already been planned,” Khabib said. However, many victims of such a knockdown never fully recover. Watching will be intriguing. However, I’d like to watch the trilogy.

Usman has comfortably maintained the title in this way five times, and after his victory against Edwards in December 2015, it is all too likely that the division’s next bout will be a trilogy. After the fight, UFC President wanted to bring the match to England, which is Edwards’ home. For the nation’s second UFC champion, the options are now limitless.

Khabib is accustomed to the same kind of publicity and hoopla as Usman. At their zeniths, both were ranked first in the UFC’s rankings and received claims of being all-time greats.

Having Usman’s championship stripped from him is a sobering reminder of how difficult it is to achieve and maintain success in mixed martial arts.

“Sincerely, I was astonished when watching UFC. Even somewhat unhappy would be an accurate description, remarked Nurmagomedov. Kamaru and I are best buddies. Therefore it was difficult for me to witness the best boxer at the time suffer a serious knockout with just 50 seconds left in the fight.

“Unlike he did to everybody else, I was wondering that this will be basically how the competition will end. Given that these battles are mixed martial arts, you can briefly see yourself exactly where things bad happened. If the right defense does not exist in position, if he positions his palm in the incorrect spot, your lights can go out. If you awaken in the dressing area, it’s already over.