UFC champion Israel Adesanya vehemently defends Joe Rogan.


At a UFC 271 news conference on Thursday, Israel Adesanya enthralled the audience before his bout against Robert Whittaker, in which he aims to retain his middleweight title.

During the Thursday UFC 271 Pre-fight Press Conference, UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya defended Joe Rogan.

Due to information on his podcast involving COVID-19 treatments and the use of a racist slur in previous episodes, Rogan has been dogged by controversy. Rogan has apologized for using the N-word, and Spotify has said that it will continue to carry Rogan’s program.

Adesanya zealously supported Rogan. “I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the kindest, coolest, modest motherf*ckers I’ve ever met,” Adesanya remarked.

Due to a “schedule difficulty,” Adesanya supported UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who would not call the bout. Rogan was under criticism when a video about him using the N-word leaked, prompting accusations that he misled listeners on his Spotify-hosted program.

Dana White, the president of the UFC, was questioned about Rogan, and the champ responded.

“First and foremost, allow me to take this one. Hold your horses. I’m a black person. According to MMA Junkie, Adesanya remarked, “I can handle this one.” “Look, this game has a lot of c—s in it.” In this game, there seem to be a lot of snakes. These combat games have been a part of my life since 2008. Joe Rogan is one of the sweetest, most excellent, and modest people I’ve ever worked with. That is something to consider.

“F— the commotion. You’re well aware of their intentions. You won’t be able to manage the guy. He now has the largest platform in the globe. Joe Rogan, that’s my n—-. F— the commotion.… Joe, just continue being you. Take some mushrooms with you. Continue whatever you’re doing.”

In an Instagram post, Adesanya addressed the Rogan issue.

“We are residing in amazing times,” Adesanya added, ending his message with many sheep emoticons. “The government has a methodical technique of closing down a voice that stands out against the dominant narrative. I’m not expecting you to think the same way I do. I strongly advise you to switch off the television and consider for yourselves. Allowing them to pull the wool over your eyes is not a good idea.”

Rogan went right back on the stand-up stage of the game Tuesday evening in Austin, Texas, as per The Associated Press, and made fun of the situation.

“I used to say it in perspective if [I was discussing] a Richard Pryor joke or whatever,” Rogan said. “Someone put a Video on youtube together of every time I spoke that term over 14 years, and it showed out to have been prejudiced as f—.” To me, too! ‘Quit saying it!’ I’m myself, and I’m witnessing it. ‘Four additional minutes?!’ I think as I move my mouse over the clip.

Rogan said, “I have not yet uttered that term in years.” “However, it’s strange that you’re using that term and post about this on a smartphone made by slaves; folks would get upset.”